In a regenerative circular economy, all materials are treated as valuable resources and are reused to generate new materials or processes in either technical or biological cycles. Unfortunately, the value of the billions of pounds of synthetics that end up in wastewater treatment plants or landfill, in today’s linear “take-make-waste” economy are being lost from society. CiCLO® enables us to reclaim that value through biocycling.

In addition to our patent-pending CiCLO® technology, our team is working on textile recycling and fully closed loop solutions and eager to partner with brands to bring them to market.


CiCLO® Benefits

  • Reduces synthetic microfiber pollution

  • Works with virgin or recycled materials

  • Recovers value & energy from waste

  • Lessens land use

  • Can be mechanically or chemically recycled

  • Oeko-Tex Eco Passport Certified

  • Built-in sustainability insurance


Nothing should be created by humans

that cannot be degraded by nature, unless

100% closed loops can be guaranteed.*

Until then, there's CiCLO®.


ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is a mechanism by which textile chemical suppliers demonstrate that their products can be used in a sustainable textile production. Learn more @