CiClO is an easy to implement, upstream solution for our world’s unrecycled synthetic textiles.




Reality is that landfill is the current customary disposal method for textiles. 85% go to landfill after their first useful life and only 1% are ever truly recycled. Despite valiant industry efforts, the road to significant global recycling systems may be long, fragmented and complex.

The bulk of textiles are made from synthetic “plastic” materials. We love our synthetics for their inherent durability and performance characteristics. However, their best qualities also pose an environmental challenge. Like other non-biodegradable plastics, synthetic textiles can take thousands of years to break down—or may never fully break down at all.

Until now…


Over 16 billion pounds of synthetic “plastic” textiles like polyester are sent to landfill annually in the US alone — that’s massive energy buried forever, untapped.

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CiClO™ technology allows plastic based fibers like polyester to degrade more like natural fibers in landfill conditions. Ultimately, textiles embedded with CiClO™ become valuable sources of soil matter and biogas, which is captured for energy at modern day landfills.


Enhanced Biodegradation

Recycled Polyester (optional)





ASTM D5511 Method

A 100% CiClO™ Polyester fabric sample showed 91% biodegradation, compared to 6% for virgin polyester fabric after 1,278 days.*

Like most lab tests, results are accelerated and represent optimal conditions. The actual rate of biodegradation of CiClO™ textiles and all other plastic materials in landfill may be slower and more variable, dependent upon conditions at each landfill location.

*As validated by an independent 3rd party laboratory using the internationally recognized ASTM D5511 Test Method. This data represents one specific study. While similar results for other CiClO™ fabrics can reasonably be expected, CiClO™ tests and delivers ongoing biodegradation reports for each unique material.



Fabrics built with CiClO look, feel and wear just like any other, and can be engineered with high performance characteristics.

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Knit Tee

Quick Dry




Odor Control

Knit Socks

UPF 50+